Excellent quality fish products

Marine proteins
and marine oils

We produce high quality marine proteins and marine oils from pelagic raw material. Production takes place in our modern facilities, with a fishing environment right outside the door at Egersund harbour.


What is pelagic raw material?
Pelagic fish (from greek pelagos, ocean) can be categorized as coastal and oceanic fish, based on the depth of the water they inhabit and where they hunt freely. Blue whiting, Sandeel, Norway pout and Sprat are important pelagic fish species that we use in production and which form the basis of marine raw material for the feed industry. Trimmings and by-products from pelagic fishery are also a valuable source of raw material. We utilizes 100% of the fish!

Superior Quality

• Fresh chilled pelagic raw material
• Focus on feed and food safety
• All raw materials are approved for human consumption
• Use of the entire fish
• Fishing fleet with cooling facilities
• The nearest factory in Norway for sizzling sandeel and Norway pout
• Cuts and by-products from Prima Seafood, among others

Top modern production facilities

• Computerized process plant with high degree of automation
• Environmentally friendly and energy efficient production
• Use of LNG

GMP + FSA is an international standard for feed safety that integrates HACCP and other elements into a certification that guarantees safety, reliability, quality and sustainability.

We are certified by MarinTrust, formerly known as IFFO RS, a global standard and certification program for responsible and sustainable production of fishmeal and fish oil. We will only utilize raw material from responsibly managed fisheries in our production of marine meal and oils. A basic principle at Prima Protein is to contribute to a healthy ecosystem. Prima Protein has a comprehensive quality and environmental policy and we use the recognized HACCP principles in the production process.