Prima fish oil

Prima Natural Oil is an unrefined high-quality crude fish oil made from chilled fresh raw materials. An efficient production with high hygienic standard gives a clean fresh product with a very low content of free fatty acids. Natural antioxidant is added as needed according to customer’s demand.

Our facility is designed for an eco-friendly production and has been subjected to an extensive and strict program of approval.
The raw material used is exclusively from responsible managed fisheries approved from an official approved authority.

Product applications

Prima Natural Oil is a crucial element in the composition of an energy-rich fish feed. The oil strengthens the fat tissue properties as a flavour binder – and ensures an optimal and tasty feed product.

Product information


Free fatty acids: Typical 3%, max 5%
Moisture and impurities: Typical 0,2%, max 1%
Antioxidant: Natural
Contaminants: EU limits


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