Prima NSM

Prima NSM is a special quality fishmeal produced from high quality raw material. It is a whole meal processed using the application of our gentle two-stage indirect drying process. All Prima Protein fishmeals are produced in our modern production facility at high technical and hygienic standards. Quality procedures are all according to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control point (HACCP) principles. All lots are tested at an independent lab for chemical composition and microbiological control.

Our facility is designed for an eco-friendly production and has been subjected to an extensive and strict program of approval.

 The raw material used is exclusively from responsible managed fisheries approved from an official approved authority.

Product applications

Prima NSM is mainly used in feed for fish and fur animals.

Product information


Protein: 68 – 72 %
Fat (Soxhlet): Max 13%
Moisture: Min. 6% – max 10%
Ash, without salt: Max 14%
Salt (NaCI): Max 5%
Total volatile nitrogen (TVN): Max 0,18% NH3-N
Water-soluble protein: Min 18% – max. 32%
Cadaverine: Max 1,0g/kg (1000ppm)
Histamine: Max. 0,5g/kg (500ppm)
Antioxidant: Natural antioxidant is added after milling
Salmonella: Not detected
Contaminants: EU limits
Quality of raw material: TVN max. 50mg N/100g


1000 kg Big-bags
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